Coffee Machine Cleaner Powder

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  • Is a mild alkaline special cleaner for coffee machines with an optimally balanced proportion of powerful active ingredients. This combination of alkalis and highly effective surfactants causes rapid wetting and gentle cleaning.
  • An additional proportion of stabilized oxygen compounds ensures hygienic cleanliness and easily removes coffee residues.
  • Suitable for use in commercial coffee machines. The product is used in particular for the removal of problem soiling in coffee machines, but tar residues are also easy to remove.
  • Dosing of the product directly into the machine with a suitable cleaning program / cleaning brew or by placing the parts in a dipping bath is possible.
  • Automatic cleaning / cleaning brewing:
    Before starting cleaning, place product directly in the filter holder or in the brewing chamber of the coffee machine. Then start the cleaning program or the cleaning brew.
  • Concentration: 1%
    Temperature: specified by program
    Time: specified by program
    Place the parts to be cleaned in a bath supplied with product and, if necessary, rework recognizable problem areas with the brush.
    Concentration: 1.0%
    Temperature: 60 – 80 ° C
    Time: at least 15 minutes

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