Liquid Dishwasher Machine Detergent – Detergen Mesin Cuci Piring

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( Contain : 900 ml / Bottle )

Liquid Dishwasher Machine Detergent

  • This Product is non-foaming concentrated cleaner for commercial use in industrial kitchens and other food processing operations.
  • When the product is correctly metered, articles made of china, plastic, stainless steel and glass are cleaned gently and without residues.
  • Calcium deposits of devices and heating coils are effectively prevented.
  • Dosage:
    • In automatic dishwashers, use 0,1 to 0,4%
    • For conveyor systems in food processing operations, a 0.5 to 1,0% solution.
  • We can supply Dosing pump system on dishwash machine.
  • Product of Germany.


( Isi : 900 ml / Botol )

Liquid Dishwasher Machine Detergent

  • Detergen berkonsentrasi ini membersihkan tanpa menghasilkan busa, dapat digunakan pada komersial/industri kitchen dan operasi untuk pengolahan makanan.
  • ¬†Dengan dosis yang tepat dapat membersihkan cangkir teh, plastik, stainless steel dan gelas tanpa residu.
  • Sangat efektif mencegah endapan kalsium pada alat dan pipa pemanas.
  • Dosis:
    • Untuk mesin pencuci piring memakai 0,1 – 0,4%.
    • Untuk konveyor sistem pengolahan makanan memakai 0.5 – 1,0%.
  • Kami dapat supply dosing pump system pada mesin cuci piring.
  • Produk German.
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