BUFA Chewing Gum Spray (Penghilang Bekas Permen Karet Pada Pakaian)

Rp 277.000

( Contain : 500 ml / Bottle )

For textiles/garment, fabric floor, converings and even surfaces. Chewing-gum stains have to be sprayed intenselly, and remove it immediately by breaking and crushing. If part of the stain substance remain repeat the process.

Dosage : ready to spray

Product of Germany.




( Isi : 500 ml / Botol )

Untuk pakaian, karpet, disemprot sampai rata menutupi permukaan noda. Noda permen karet harus disemprot terus- menerus hingga hancur dan lepas sisa noda dapat disemprot terus hingga bersih total.

Dosis : langsung disemprot.

Produk German.

Additional information

Weight 800 g


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